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Water Management

Ostwald Bros water engineering services offer the latest technology in water supply, treatment and re-use. We provide optimal outcomes for remote area mining, CSG, urban development and agriculture.

As specialists in remote area mining support, CSG projects, urban land development and agricultural water infrastructure, Ostwald Bros offers strength, stability and considerable resources with in-depth experience in water supply, treatment and re-use.

Our partner company M2O Water supports our water management deliver effective water management strategies for industry. A unique blend of competencies enables us to examine all aspects of a client’s particular water issue, devise a strategy, and implement the right solutions using the best-available technology. This includes the design, construction, operation and maintenance of water treatment plants.

We have proven experience in managing all stages of projects across a range of disciplines, from developing operational processes through to technology development, delivery and implementation with construction supported by Ostwald Bros’ extensive fleet of plant and equipment and ultra-modern maintenance and fabrication facility.