Zero Harm

Oil and Gas

As one of the first contractors to work on Surat Basin energy projects, Ostwald Bros offers local knowledge and experience in major coal seam gas developments, and has completed broad-ranging projects for an extensive list of energy and resource sector clients.

We have considerable expertise in gas infrastructure, and offer the agility to deliver services at many stages within the CSG lifecycle - from initial bulk earthworks through to production and transportation. We are experienced in the delivery of access roads, drill pads, well infrastructure, pipelines and pump stations, water treatment plants, concrete work, environmental dams and pilot ponds to support CSG operations. Our construction materials division can supply pre-mix concrete and quarry materials to support construction and we also provide ongoing operation and maintenance services as well as rehabilitation.

Our crews have worked on gas-fired power stations, gas field developments, and gas field infrastructure while our farming division offers farm operation and management services for CSG providers.

In challenging, escalating and competitive operating environments, Ostwald Bros promises to deliver on every project.