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Agricultural Services

Ostwald Bros has extensive experience in rural land operations and agricultural infrastructure solutions, with a 25 year history in intensive animal and irrigation development.

Our agricultural knowledge and understanding of the local environment and communities, means Ostwald Bros is a trusted partner having been involved in the initial planning, design, construction and on-going planning and maintenance of intensive livestock facilities, in particular beef cattle feedlots.

Ostwald Bros’ agricultural services are broken down into site selection, planning & approvals, design and construction. Through our integrated service offering, we offer solutions for both small and large developments, providing tailored solutions that deliver value and flexibility.


Ostwald Bros performing expnasion works at Grassdale Feedlot

Ostwald Bros performing expansion works at Grassdale Feedlot

Previous Projects


Keytah Moree

Ostwald Bros is the ongoing partner for the 10,000Ha irrigation development at Keytah Moree, including water storage, construction of pump stations and all field development.