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“There is nothing we do at Ostwald Bros that we can’t take the time to do safely.” Ostwald Bros CEO Brendan Ostwald

Safety and Environment


 DNA Safety Update June 2015          

Ostwald Bros is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all parties involved in our operations.

Our operations are managed under the Ostwald Bros Integrated Management System (IMS) incorporating accredited safety, quality and environmental management systems. With a proven track record, the IMS ensures consistency in delivery and outcome, regardless of project size, complexity or location.

Our strong commitment to safety is reflected in the many awards we have received for our safety performance including 100,000 LTI free hours for APLNG's Rig Pads & Roads, 120 days LTI free for APLNG's Talinga Pond D, achieving zero recordable incidents during the construction of QGC's Miles Supply Base and 1,000 days LTI free for QGC's rig pads and road work.  We also achieved over 40,000 LTI free hours for Origin Energy and more than 100,000 LTI free hours in a 12-month period at the Dawson Mine Expansion Project. We were a major player in reaching the impressive milestone of 1,000,000 LTI free hours for the Dawson Mine project. The Monreagh Dam project for Origin Energy, completed June 2013, achieved 100,000 hours TRIFR free. All these milestones demonstrate a commitment to Zero Harm by our entire team.

At the 2016 Queensland Safe Work and Return to Work Awards, Ostwald Bros received the award for ‘Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety’ for our bespoke DNA programs which deliver tailored Certificate IV programs to work, health and safety and civil construction supervision. Ostwald Bros' safety program was also recognised in 2014, where we received the prestigious QMCA Queensland Project Safety Excellence Award in recognition of our commitment to safety on our APLNG Rig Pads and Roads Project.

Ostwald Bros was awarded the 2012 Condamine Award for 'outstanding contribution to water'. The Condamine Alliance presented the award to Ostwald Bros in recognition of our support for the Condamine Alliance Dewfish Demonstration Reach project which received the Commonwealth's 2012 Australian Riverprize. Ostwald Bros was also a finalist in the 2010 Civil Contractors Federation Earth Awards in recognition of environmental excellence on the Blackwater Creek diversion project at Curragh Mine. We have established appropriate Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems that allow all staff to identify, report and manage risk and hazards so as to constantly improve our performance.


DNA Positive Safety Choices Program

Ostwald Bros Launches ‘DNA Positive Safety Choices ‘ program.

Our safety culture received a significant boost with the launch of the Ostwald Bros DNA Positive Safety Choices program in Dalby, June 2013.

As part of Ostwald Bros' commitment to continuous improvement, the DNA Positive Safety Choices program has been specifically designed to contribute to Ostwald Bros’ existing Zero Harm culture by addressing enhancements to Ostwald Bros' safety and leadership skills. The DNA program contains three distinct modules that have been identified as those that provide attendees with the best exposure to the latest studies in Safety and Leadership application. The three modules are, DNA Foundation, DNA Leadership, and DNA Safety in Action.

Ostwald Bros CEO Brendan Ostwald said: “Our DNA Positive Safety Choices program builds on our existing safety culture and provides nationally accredited training to further develop our leadership skills.

"It motivates our leaders to ensure our company maintains a high-performing safety culture underpinned by outstanding safety leadership," he said.

The program curriculum is relevant to our current operations and safety systems, and is accredited under the Australian Qualifications Framework with the title ‘Certificate IV Work Health and Safety (BSB41412)’.


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